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Rachel Jimenez

 The repertoire of Cuban-American pianist Rachel Iris Jimenez encompasses an impressive array of styles from the Partitas of J.S. Bach to Liszt's monumental B minor Sonata and on to works of Luciano Berio and Gyorgy Ligeti. She is an industrious musician who has had numerous performing experiences. She has premiered compositions in both New England Conservatory's and Yale's new music series; she has collaborated with professional ensembles; she has played orchestral piano at NEC, Yale, and in orchestras throughout Massachusetts; and she has performed solo and chamber works in a variety of other settings.

Rachel's artistry has earned her several honors. Her two diplomas from New England Conservatory were awarded in 1996 and 1998 with highest Distinction in Performance, and in 1997, she was a winner of the NEC Honors Piano Competition. In 1998, the Conservatoire Americain in Fontainebleau, France honored her with their highest award after her month in residency. Currently a scholarship recipient at the Yale University School of Music, she will complete a Master of Music degree in May 2002.

Among the distinguished pianists with whom she has studied are her two principle teachers Stephen Drury and Boris Berman as well as Philippe Entremont, Gaby Casadesus, Claude Frank, and Peter Frankl. An advocate of new music, Rachel has enjoyed many opportunities to collaborate with composers. Those who have coached her in preparing performances of their works include Lee Hyla, John Harbison, Donald Martino, Leon Kirchner, and Arthur Berger.

In 2000, Rachel completed her first full-length recording project. It is a two-CD set featuring solo works of Bach, Beethoven, Liszt, Debussy, Toshi Ichiyanagi, and Lee Hyla. Soundclips are available on her website. A new recording is scheduled for the spring of 2002.

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